NDIS Resources

You can apply for the NDIS now.  Ring 1800 800 110 to find out more or see the resources below

If you think you may be registered with the NDIS or need more information you can ring them on the number below.

If you have applied for NDIS it is very important to check if you are registered. *Ring the number below and persist until you find if you or your loved one is registered and make sure you are told his of her REGISTRATION NUMBER.

Phone NDIS on 1800 800 110 or visit the official website which has a lot of information : https://ndis.gov.au/
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Other useful Resources

Tandem NDIS Information

Carers Australia
Click on “Information for Carers” , then select an option from the list under “Disability and NDIS”

Mental Health Carers Guide and Checklist

VMIAC is the Peak Victorian non-government organisation for people with direct lived experience of mental health issues or emotional distress.
They have useful information for people living with mental illness.
– NDIS Information
– NDIS Advocacy and Support

Supported Decision Making – Office of the Public Advocate
The Office of the Public Advocate has produced a Guide to NDIS Decision Making. The aim of this guide is to outline when decision-making support, advocacy and substitute decision-making will be needed for potential and current NDIS participants who have significant cognitive disability or mental illness.