About Peninsula Carer Council

Aims of the PCC

  • Ensure that all carers of a person with a mental illness know about the services on the Mornington Peninsula which can inform, support and encourage them.
  • Provide information about the range of available services for carers of people with a mental illness and those for whom they care.
  • Represent carers with the aim of increasing their access to mental health services.
  • Link carers with other support services.
  • Provide direct input to services on current carer issues and ensure that the services recognise and respond to these issues.
  • Promote an environment which values the carer role within mental health services.
  • Identify issues of concern for carers on the Peninsula, and work towards a strategy to address them.
  • Assist carers by providing referrals to a service, advice or advocacy.

PCC Policy

    • Members are beginning to work towards the development of policies as they listen to carers and research common issues.
    • The development of policies from a carer perspective will of course be a very gradual process. It will take considerable time to develop these policies but work has already begun.
      • Identification and needs of carers living on the Peninsula.
      • Advocacy for quality accommodation both short and long term.
      • The issue of confidentiality.
      • The issue of intervention relating to voluntary and involuntary patients.
      • Early intervention.
    • Gradually the PCC will develop a position on systemic issues and the input of members at mental health service meetings will reflect research, discussion and consensus of the Council.